4 Tips for Advertising Jobs to Truck Drivers

Finding a great driver for your trucking company may seem intimidating, particularly if you’re a smaller carrier and still trying to establish brand recognition. With so many carriers creating job postings, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the competition. To ensure your ads stand out from the barrage and attract the right drivers, follow these tried and true strategies. To learn more, visit https://leadgamp.com/ for further details.

1. Don’t Oversell or Exaggerate

As truck drivers, we like to utilize our hawk-eyed vision when perusing job postings. Anything that appears a bit off-putting or hazy, we want to steer clear of. That is why it is critical that employers be clear and up front when offering jobs, particularly when relating to compensation and benefits. Vague terms such as “outstanding” or “competitive” no longer cut it and will leave many drivers prematurely scrolling away, not devoting any more time to the offer. Instead, supply drivers with tangible numbers and the details to go alongside the pay, so that we know exactly what to expect. A more concrete explanation of the job offer will go a long way in winning over the hearts of drivers.

2. Be Thorough

Are you looking to fill a truck driver position? You don’t want a prospective driver to be left confused, asking themselves “What kind of home time is offered? What kind of pay? Is it full or part-time?” To ensure your driver job ad is clear and effective, be sure to include all these particulars:

  • Representative Offer: You’ll have to respond to two crucial questions here. Why is my company superior to the competition and distinct from them? What makes my business appealing to truck drivers?
  • Job Title: Incorporate what CDL class is required kind of take, and sort of run
  • Pay: Include hourly, weekly, or annual pay in addition to CPM. Benefits and Perks: Include any sign-on bonuses or referral bonuses. What is covered under protection, (wellbeing, vision, dental, and so on.), PTO, 401K, and so forth.
  • Time, route, and schedule for home: How frequently will the driver arrive home? What is the path and touch level?
  • Equipment: details about the truck, like its technology and how long it has been in service.
  • Qualifications: Is there a need for any other qualifications in addition to CDL class? MVR clean? Minimum amount of time working? Age minimum?

3. Make It Easy to Read

Having the best job posting for drivers won’t be of great value if it is organized in a disorienting manner. Consequently, it is paramount to assemble all the related information for the job post and start organizing it by prioritizing the most relevant details for a driver. Generally, the imperative information to consider first are the salary, haul, type of run and then moving on to smaller details like the year of the trucks to be utilized and pet-rider policy.

Moreover, it is generally advantageous to avoid using extended paragraphs in the job post. Instead, enlisting the details with bullets offers drivers a straightforward approach to accumulate the requisite information without laboriously viewing prolonged texts.

4. Partner with a Job Distributor

Finding the right place to post for your open positions is important for putting your best foot forward with potential driver candidates. With hundreds of job boards and social media channels available, it can be a chore to know where your time and resources are wisely utilized to attract the right drivers. If you want to maximize your efforts, partnering up with a reliable recruiting platform like Drive My Way may be one of the best solutions.

At Drive My Way, we specialize in creating tailored ad campaigns that can reach drivers exactly when and where they need to be. On top of that, we provide great results – just like with Button Transportation in California. Within two short months, the family-owned-and-operated trucking business was able to successfully hire 10 new drivers with our help.

You never get a second chance to make a good first impression – and drivers looking for jobs are no exception. When creating your ad, make sure to keep drivers’ needs in mind. What would you want to read if you were looking for a job? What type of information would you want to see? After finding the answers to these questions, you should be well on your way to finding success with your ad.