5 Things Armored Bulletproof Vehicles Offer that Unarmored Do Not

armored luxury SUV

Armored cars are becoming more popular as the number of security incidents like terrorism, kidnappings, and other violent attracts rises worldwide. In addition to saving lives, traveling in armored vehicles sets the stage for a more secure future. There are several options to protect vehicles without altering their appearance or style. In fact, armored luxury SUV is hard to spot because they blend in with the background of the road.

What are the advantages of armored vehicles over unarmed vehicles? Here are five things to keep in mind:

The Use Of a Bulletproof Window

Glass-like unarmored vehicles don’t fit armored vehicles. Instead, they have bullet-resistant Glass installed (replacing the original Glass) to better protect passengers from potential attackers or random acts of violence. Multiple layers of polycarbonate and brittle Glass make up the bulletproof Glass.

During a gunshot, a brittle layer breaks toward the polycarbonate layer. Glass breaks into smaller pieces, allowing the bullet’s energy to be dispersed over a larger area. In return, the polycarbonate layer aids in the prevention of a bullet from reaching the occupants of the vehicle.

Strong Materials for the Floor and the Roof

Unlike unarmored vehicles, armored cars are built with materials that can withstand bullets. Passengers are protected from injury because their floors and roofs are made of ballistic-proof material.

Due to its superior strength compared to other composite materials, ballistic steel is frequently used in the construction of armored vehicles. Dashboards, engines, and seats have the same material used to build their casings. Thus, the people who ride in these automobiles can rest easy knowing they are safe from harm.

Inflatable Tires

Special flat tire inserts on most armored vehicles allow them to escape dangerous situations without stopping. This allows the vehicle to continue moving for a considerable distance even if its tires are damaged and no pressure is present. This isn’t an option for vehicles that aren’t armored. A puncture or attack on the vehicle’s tires means that the vehicle cannot move until the tire is replaced.

A Bomb Blanket, a Gun Pot, and Other Weapons

Gun ports, which are not available in unarmored vehicles, are another feature found only on armored vehicles. Gun ports can be found on some armored vehicles with bulletproof bodies and Glass. Security guards may not notice these ports, but they are extremely useful in the event of an attack. In some armored vehicles, explosive devices like hand grenades are protected by bomb blankets.

Fuel Tank with an Armored Shell

To move a vehicle, fuel tanks need to be filled with gas, but they can also be a security risk that attackers could exploit. This is why armored vehicles have secure fuel tanks to protect their occupants. Assailants or a collision won’t set fire to the fuel tanks because they’re armored to prevent that. This feature is not available on non-armored vehicles. Check out bulletproof car rental in Miami.