A Detailed Guide to Our Transparent Pricing Structure

Understanding the costs associated with a service or product is essential for building trust with customers. In our commitment to transparency, we present a detailed guide to our pricing structure, ensuring that you’re always in the know and never faced with unexpected expenses.

  1. Base Cost
  • Definition: This is the foundational cost associated with the product or service. It covers basic expenses and ensures that we can continue to provide top-quality offerings.
  • Factors:
    • Materials: Cost of raw materials required for the product.
    • Labor: Man-hours involved in producing the product or executing the service.
    • Overheads: Rent, utilities, and other operational costs.
  • Transparency Tip: We list the base cost on every product page and invoice.
  1. Customization Fees
  • Definition: Additional costs incurred when customizing a product or service according to specific client requirements.
  • Factors:
    • Design alterations: Changes in design, color, or features.
    • Specialized labor: If the customization requires unique skills or tools.
    • Material upgrades: Upgrading to premium materials.
  • Transparency Tip: Customization fees are detailed separately in your quote, so you know exactly what you’re paying for.
  1. Volume Discounts
  • Definition: A reduction in price based on the quantity purchased.
  • Factors:
    • Bulk purchase: The more units you purchase, the lesser the cost per unit.
    • Frequency: Regular customers may receive additional discounts.
  • Transparency Tip: Our volume discount tiers are openly provided, ensuring you can calculate potential savings.
  1. Additional Services
  • Definition: These are services that are not included in the base cost but can be availed for an extra fee.
  • Examples:
    • Express delivery.
    • Extended warranty.
    • Installation or setup.
  • Transparency Tip: All additional services and their prices are listed separately, ensuring you can choose according to your needs and budget.
  1. Taxes and Duties
  • Definition: Mandatory charges levied by governmental bodies.
  • Factors:
    • Sales tax: Local or state sales tax applicable to the product or service.
    • Import/export duties: Relevant for international shipments.
  • Transparency Tip: We provide a breakdown of all taxes and duties so you can see where every penny goes.
  1. Possible Adjustments
  • Definition: In rare instances, price adjustments may be needed due to unforeseen factors.
  • Factors:
    • Fluctuating market prices for certain materials.
    • Unanticipated operational challenges.
  • Transparency Tip: We commit to informing you well in advance of any adjustments and explaining the reasons behind them.
  1. Discounts and Promotions
  • Definition: Seasonal or promotional discounts we offer to our customers.
  • Transparency Tip: Any promotional prices or discounts are clearly marked, and we explain the terms and conditions of each.
  1. Loyalty Programs and Rewards
  • Definition: Programs designed to reward our returning customers.
  • Transparency Tip: All details, terms, and conditions related to our loyalty programs are available for our customers to review.


Our goal is to ensure that you are never in the dark about what you’re paying for. We believe that transparency isn’t just about trust, but also about enabling you, our valued customer, to make informed decisions. If ever in doubt, always feel free to ask. We’re here to clarify, explain, and guide you every step of the way.

This article was written by a professional at Pompeii Limousine. Here at Pompeii Limousine, our goal is to provide each of our customers with the highest quality professional car services at competitive and affordable rates. As the premier limousine company in the San Diego area, we don’t aim to simply meet your expectations… we want to shatter them!  We now offer corporate and group outing services.  To learn more you can visit our Corporate and Group Travel page or you can contact us now! Click here to learn more!