A Handy Guide to the Tesla Model 3

At the forefront of the sustainable energy revolution stands one company that has captivated auto enthusiasts and environmentalists alike. Tesla. With innovative electric vehicles that come with superior range and advanced technology, Tesla has changed our perception of EVs and accelerated their adoption across the globe.

One of the most popular EVs in Tesla’s impressive fleet is the Tesla Model 3. It is the recipient of numerous design and performance awards and also comes at a relatively affordable price compared to its Tesla counterparts. So, whether you’re an ardent Tesla fan or just looking to try out an EV, this guide will take you through all the information you need to know about the Tesla Model 3.

Everything to Know About the Tesla Model 3

The Tesla Model 3 comes with a lot of advanced features and a promise to make your journey smoother, indulgent, and memorable. Here are some things about the Tesla Model 3 that will make you want to get your hands on it right away.

Going In and Out

You can get into your car using any of the 3 methods: a key card, a key fob, or your phone. To use your phone as a key, download the Tesla app and adjust the settings to unlock your car. The key card can be used by swiping on the B-pillar, which is the vertical support structure for the roof, located between the front and rear doors. The key fob is an accessory shaped like your car, for which you’ll need to shell out some extra money. You can use the buttons on the key fob to unlock your Tesla in different ways once you’re in close proximity to your car. 

Getting started

Unlike many traditional cars, the Tesla Model 3 has no ignition—no need to plug your key in or press buttons to start the car. Once seated, press the brake pedal and push the stalk located to the right of the steering wheel downwards to drive. If you need to reverse your car, push the same stalk upwards. To park, press the button at the end of the drive stalk.


Remember the effort of finding the right lever before pulling or pushing your car seat to sit comfortably? Tesla’s Model 3 ends all such struggles. With its front-facing display, you can adjust various settings to personalize your car to perfection. When you touch the car icon in the bottom left of the screen, you will see a menu for all the vehicle’s settings: from mirrors and wheels to the driver’s seating position. 

Technology and Performance

Thoughtfully designed, every component of the Tesla Model 3 has been put together to make it efficient. From its 20” Überturbine wheels to cruise control, driving a Tesla Model 3 feels like a breeze. The Tesla Model 3 is easy, quick, and smooth.  It also comes with many high-tech features like voice command, which allows you to instruct the car to do everything for you.


Ever wanted to binge-watch your favorite movies and shows while you charge your EV? With the Tesla Model 3, you sure can. Netflix, Hulu, Twitch, and YouTube are some of the streaming services that are integrated into the car’s entertainment menu. It even comes with games! However, you can access these entertainment features only in parking mode so that you drive without distractions. Apart from this, you can browse the web directly on the screen, log into Spotify or listen to the radio.

Want to Rent A Tesla Model 3?

While the Tesla Model 3 is substantially more affordable than other Tesla models, it’s still on the costlier end of the spectrum. Even if you manage to buy it, you can’t escape from the additional costs of maintenance and insurance. However, you can still experience the smoothness of driving a Tesla Model 3 without worrying too much about these additional overheads by renting one.

Self-drive mobility solutions like ekar allow you to rent a Tesla Model 3 for affordable rates. The company is known for its transparent pricing and flexible, customer-first approach. It also offers splendid 24×7 customer support to assist you wherever you go.

So, are you ready to take the Tesla Model 3 for a spin?