Everything You Need To Know About Having A Dogman License

dogman license

Doggers are responsible for figuring out how much a load weighs and using the right slinging techniques to lift it. They also have to check the lifting gear to ensure it is in good shape and safe. They also have to talk to the crane operator and tell them what to do when a load needs to be moved. This is especially important when the load must be corrected before them. Therefore, you need a professional dogman license to do this job correctly.

Even though the word dogging sounds like it has something to do with dogs, it does not. It is easy to get dogging and rigging mixed up. What is the difference between the two, and what do you need to do each job?

Even though the two are similar in some ways, today we are going to talk about what dogging is and what you need to know to make it your career.

With a dogman license to perform dogging roles, a dogger is responsible for their safety and the safety of civilians and other workers on or near a site where cranes are being used. Doggers need to be able to spot dangers and take steps to prevent harm, injury, or damage. They also need to be able to read plans and diagrams to figure out how to lift things safely and effectively.

Dogmen must also be good communicators to help operators move heavy loads or awkward objects in high-risk situations. They are licensed to lift things like steel plates, scaffolding, steel pipe stillages, brick cages, and man/work boxes, whether that means unloading materials from a truck with a vehicle-mounted crane or moving a mobile or tower crane around a job site.

Dogging license

A Dogging license is probably something you have heard of if you work in construction. Dogging is a high-risk job that requires a special dogman license that lets you tell the crane operator where to move loads around a construction site. It also involves using different slinging techniques, and dogmen make sure the lifting equipment is in good shape. It is a five-year qualification that the government recognises.

The Roles of Dogman 

On construction and mining sites, a dogman drives and guides cranes. They check the crane’s lifting capacity to ensure that each load it carries is safe. Tag lines are also used to connect other lifting tools to the hoisting equipment.

Dogging requires a license for anyone who tells the crane operator how to move a load when the crane operator cannot see the load. This ensures that everyone who has to move the load, which is a dangerous task, knows how to figure out safe angles and ways to move the load.

 How to Become a Dogman?

Well-known training companies offer dogman training classes. The dogman training course lasts for five days. Yes, it is that simple!

Hopefully, this helps you understand what dogging is and how to become a dogman. Dogging is a rewarding job and an important part of the construction process. Now you can see why up to 75% of construction workers have their dogging license. Once you finish your dog training and get your dogman ticket, you will be able to do many different jobs.

Here are six reasons why you need a dogman license:


A dogman is responsible for ensuring the load is safe and taking care of himself and anyone else in the area where the work is being done. They decide how to safely sling a load based on its weight and shape, check lifting gear to make sure it works, and tell the crane operator what to do even when they can’t see them. This makes sure that everyone stays safe while materials are being moved around the site, taking into account any hazards that might be there.

Legal Reasons

Without a dogging license, working as a dogman is against the law. If you do not have a license and you get into an accident that damages a load or building or hurts or kills someone, you or your boss could be held responsible. You could get fined tens of thousands of dollars if you did dogging work without a DG license.

Job Opportunities

A dogging ticket is needed even if you are not a professional dogman. For example, if you want to unload trucks with a vehicle-mounted crane safely, you will be ahead of people who do not have a DG license.

Peace of Mind

If you have a dogging ticket, you know that you are following the law and working in your area of expertise. You will also be sure of what you’re doing, know, and understand the risks and dangers of dogging operations, like working near power lines.

Earning Potential

People with a dogman license usually make more money than those without because the job is considered skilled labour. The earnings for unskilled constructions are slightly lower than those with professional training. Therefore, to increase your earnings, it is crucial to have a dogman license.

Less Hard Work for More Money

One of the best things about having a dogman license is that driving a dog is usually easier than doing manual labour like concrete work or building forms. This means that you can make more money by working less hard. If you use good dogging techniques, the cranes will do most of the heavy lifting for you. All you will need to do is sling the load and tell them where to go. Keep in mind that a good dogman never makes a shadow. Plan and stay out of the sun between lifts to save time, stress, and effort.

There are many valid reasons to get your dogman license, including safety, legality, job opportunities, and the chance to make more money. Getting your dogman license is a great way to improve your job prospects if you want to get into building projects or are already working there, not to mention the opportunity to make some extra cash.